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WHAT THE!! Australian’s food waste $20 Billion each year!

What if I told you that a good portion of the food you throw away in your rubbish didn’t actually need to be thrown away?

People often throw out food because they’re afraid it will make them ill. Here’s the thing, many of them do not really understand how or why food makes them sick, which then can lead them into inadvertently tossing out food that is perfectly good to eat.

The spinach that went bad, the leftovers you never got around to eating and the scary science experiment in the back of the fridge you’re hoping will disappear. It all adds up! In fact, 1 in 5 shopping bags end up in the bin - $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year. That’s real money going in the bin instead of paying off your credit cards or adding to your savings account.

So, we are going to change that. Wasting less food is about keeping ingredients fresh, sleek recipes and menus that use up different parts of animals and vegetables. It’s about getting getting creative with what you have and getting to know your food, how it ages and how to best store it.

Food is simply too good to waste. So join me, together we can make a little dent in what is currently getting thrown out and put a little cash back in to our wallets at the same time.

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